Liz Smith: The Rise and Fall of a Supergroup – The Cowsills (Really!)

IF YOU are of a certain age you certainly remember the singing family pop band, The Cowsills. They hit it big in 1967 with “The Rain, The Park, and Other Things,” “Indian Lake” and their hugely popular version of “Hair.” (There was something deliciously subversive about the innocent Cowsills singing a song from that notorious, groundbreaking musical.) The Cowsills were actually the basis of the TV series, “The Partridge Family.”

From the outside, they were simply perfect — a sunny, shiny, all-American success story — but … <Read the rest of the story at wowOwow>

Cowsills Open Up About the Good and Bad in Life Story

By Lindsay Wilkes-Edrington

They got their start in Newport, then rose to national fame in the late 1960s, touring the country and performing on popular programs like “The Ed Sullivan Show” and “American Bandstand.” But after a few years of success, and after inspiring the creation of “The Partridge Family,” musical act The Cowsills began their fall, watching a mix of mismanagement and their father Bud’s firing of the oldest member Bill bring them down.

On Wednesday evening, Paul, Bob, Susan and Richard Cowsill united in Providence to shed some light on what they endured and where they are now.  <Read the rest of the story & see pictures at Newport Patch>