In 1965, The Cowsills released their very first single, “All I Really Wanna Be Is Me”, on the Joda label. The record generated very little response until an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show. After this appearance, the group signed with Mercury Records and released three singles in 1966: “Most of All / Siamese Cat”, “Party Girl / What’s It Gonna Be Like” and “A Most Peculiar Man / Could It Be, Let Me Know”.

Upon signing with MGM in 1967, The Cowsills had their first million-selling single, “The Rain, the Park and Other Things” (often referred to as The Flower Girl Song) which was featured most recently in the Jim Carrey movie, Dumb and Dumber. “Indian Lake” and “We Can Fly” followed in the summer of 1968. In 1969, The Cowsills had their biggest hit, the multi-million selling title song from the musical “Hair.”

The Cowsills signed with London records in 1970 and released their “On My Side” album followed by two single releases in 1971: “You (In My Mind) / Crystal Claps” and “Covered Wagon / Blue Road”. Bill, Paul and Barry formed a band called Bridey Murphy in 1974 and this band released one single, “The Time Has Come / Be Your Mother’s Son”, which features Paul Cowsill on all vocals. In the late 1970s, The Cowsills again regrouped and recorded an album which was affectionately dubbed “Cocaine Drain” which was never released but is now available as a digital download from CD Baby. This album was produced by Chuck Plotkin who left the project to help produce and engineer for Bruce Springsteen.

In the 1990, The Cowsills again had regrouped and went back into the studio and recorded “Global”. “Global” was sold exclusively on The Cowsills’ web site and has since gone out of print, however it can still be purchased in digital format from iTunes, CD Baby and other digital sources.

The Cowsills Album

MGM 1967 - Billboard #31

The Cowsills plus the Lincoln Park Zoo

Mercury Wing 1968

The Cowsills-The Serendipity Singers-The Mindbenders-The Lincoln Park Zoo

Pickwick 1968

We Can Fly

MGM 1968 - Billboard #89

Captain Sad and his Ship of Fools

MGM 1968 - Billboard #105

The Best of The Cowsills

MGM 1968 - Billboard #127

The Cowsills in Concert

MGM 1969 - Billboard #16


MGM 1970

All Time Hits

MGM 1970

On My Side

London 1970 - Billboard #200


Robin Records 8/1998

Best Of The Cowsills - Millennium Collection

Polydor 6/2001

Painting the Day: the Angelic Psychedelia of the Cowsills

El Records 4/2006