Reviews & Interviews

DateLink To Review Or Interview
11/29/23Boomerocity: The Cowsills Talks About Their Christmas Offering, “Rhythm of the World,” and Their Career
05/05/23Bob Cowsill on Episode 60 of The Best Music Podcast
02/19/23Michael Doherty’s Music Log: Rhythm of the World Review
11/23/22Bob Cowsill on Radio Forrest Podcast 96.9 The Eagle KKGL
11/14/22Bob Cowsill on Rock Therapy with Rob Silber (listen until 11/28)
11/09/22RockCellarTV Interview with The Cowsills
11/07/22STEAM Magazine
10/29/22A Breath of Fresh Air Podcast
10/27/22Bob Cowsill on B101 with Kristin & Steve
10/27/22Bob Cowsill on Breaking It Down with Frank MacKay
10/24/22Paul Cowsill on The Someone You Should Know Podcast
10/14/22Q1043 New York: The Cowsills On Getting Back Together For 2022 Tour
10/14/22Bob Cowsill on Waking up with Bill and Cindy
10/14/22Alan David Stein Talks ‘Rhythm of the World’ with The Cowsills
10/13/22Paul Cowsill on WSBA Morning News
10/13/22Paul Cowsill on Talk of the Commonwealth
10/12/22KVC-Arts: Bob Cowsill & David Fleming talk about The Cowsills – Beyond the Early Years To Today
10/11/22Bob Cowsill on Downtown With Rich Kimball
10/10/22Follow Your Dream Podcast
10/09/22Paul Cowsill on “All Mixed Up”
10/07/22Coast to Coast AM With Ian Punnett (Listen to an excerpt here)
10/07/22Bob Cowsill on The Bo & Jim Show
10/06/22Talk and Rock Radio: Having Fun With The Cowsills (Watch / Listen)
10/06/22Paul Cowsill on Arroe Collins Like It’s Live
10/06/22Bob Cowsill on The Nikki Stone Show
10/04/22Paul Cowsill on WICH AM 1310 With Stu Bryer (starts at 01:02:10)
10/04/22Paul Cowsill on Downtown With Rich Kimball
10/03/22Russell Trunk’s Online Magazine Album Review
10/03/22Goldmine: The Cowsills discuss their first studio album of new music this century
09/30/22Tinnitist: Albums of the Week
09/30/22Spin – The Cowsills: The Family And The Music
09/30/22Rock Cellar Magazine: Album Announcement
09/29/22Hollywood Life: The Cowsills Recall How The Ramones Were Their Biggest Fans While Discussing Their New Album
09/28/22Americana Highways Album Review
09/28/22Coachella Valley Weekly Album Review
09/28/22Cheryl Pawelski and Brad Rosenberger of Omnivore Chat With Icon Fetch
09/24/22Truckers Network Radio Show: Hear What The Cowsills Are Doing Now
09/23/22The Cowsills, Bob, Paul & Susan interview with Don Hurley of Steel Pier Radio New Jersey
09/22/22Paul Cowsill on “The History of Rock and Roll Radio Show”
09/19/22Rock & Roll Globe Premieres “Nuclear Winter”
09/18/22The Beat: The Real Partridge Family – The Cowsills are still happy
09/14/22Materials Issues Episode #69 featuring Susan, Bob, and Paul Cowsill…of…The Cowsills!
09/06/22 Icon Fetch: Rhythm Of The World Review