Announcing Channel 9

Back in the 1980s, Chuck Plotkin, who produced the “Cocaine Drain” album by The Cowsills, introduced Bob Cowsill to Peter Bunch. At the time, Peter and Bob played live around Los Angeles for a while as Channel 9 and they went in to Clover Studios (where the Cocaine Drain album was recorded) and recorded 10 songs. The masters of these recordings were recently found and Peter and Bob decided to release this piece of their history from the 1980s.


NOW, available digitally from AmazoniTunes, and Google Play! Channel9-BunchAndCowsillA few tidbits about some of the songs on this album:

The World We Live In: Bob shares that this is about the day Howdy Doody’s glass case holding the original marionette from the series was broken into and Howdy Doody was hacked up and tossed all over the place…arms and legs everywhere… a terrible act of vandalism. A tree surgeon put him back together. Check out an article about this from 1985.

Nuclear Winter: This was shared as a rarity on awhile ago and at that time, Bob had this to say about it: “The song Nuclear Winter was written by me and Peter Bunch after we were sitting around talking one day wondering what it was like to be one of those soldiers that work in the silos where the missiles are kept.”

Toni: At a solo show in the 1990s, Bob explained the genesis of this song.

Maybe It’s You: This one was regularly included in Cowsill shows back in the 1990s (even being sung once in a show by Susan) and was even recorded during the Global sessions but didn’t make it on to the album. This is where it originated.