Cowsills Open Up About the Good and Bad in Life Story

By Lindsay Wilkes-Edrington

They got their start in Newport, then rose to national fame in the late 1960s, touring the country and performing on popular programs like “The Ed Sullivan Show” and “American Bandstand.” But after a few years of success, and after inspiring the creation of “The Partridge Family,” musical act The Cowsills began their fall, watching a mix of mismanagement and their father Bud’s firing of the oldest member Bill bring them down.

On Wednesday evening, Paul, Bob, Susan and Richard Cowsill united in Providence to shed some light on what they endured and where they are now.  <Read the rest of the story & see pictures at Newport Patch>

2 thoughts on “Cowsills Open Up About the Good and Bad in Life Story

  1. Ah the memories. My periodic nostalgis trips have always taken me to Thames St. and Newport Rhode Island. The Cowsills sibling harmonies I’ve always considered on a par with Brian, Carl and Dennis wilson. My recent (late) discovery of the CD “Global” has been a wonderful reminder that these brothers and sisters were so talented. I can’t thank them enough for the memories.

  2. I met Billy a many years ago. He come in to where I worked. He was always has a smile for me. My husband and I and a few friends had the pleasure of being The Blue Shadows guests as some venues. The band sat with us and spent some time with us at our table. Billy was very genuine and interested in our company. He came in to my place of business one day during a very busy time. We had a big line up of clients. I was at lunch and my co-worker said he would like to say hello to me, would I come out and see him. I had the most delightful surprise, He had a vase with two white roses in it and said this is for you and your husband for your wedding anniversary, he brought me out on the floor and sang me two beautiful love songs. I have now idea how he knew, he had me in tears and many of my customers. I have a memory of a gentle, kind and loving friend.
    Thought I should share a tender side of Billy he shared with me.
    Thank you

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