Something Else! Interview: Bob Cowsill

From the interview:

Bob Cowsill, who still performs occasionally with Paul and Susan as the Cowsills, joins us to talk about the group’s early years in the latest SER Sitdown, how the group adapted to overnight fame as youngsters, and his all-time favorite Cowsills track. A complete list of upcoming concert dates follows, including a solo show scheduled for later this month …

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2 thoughts on “Something Else! Interview: Bob Cowsill

  1. I was one of the lucky people to see this film at the Cinefamily Silent Movie theaetr’s Don’t Knock the Rock festival. The 11:00pm show to be exact and I snapped a few pictures which I believe Louise shared from my facebook. It was truly, as Louise would say a dream come true to see Not only this remarkable film but the siblings themselves live on stage performing. The film is a remarkable baptism of truth’s and openness about a family perpetrating a lie in the public eye. I’m sure this isn’t a singular celebrity occurrence. I think this happens in almost every household in America and abroad. The Cowsills had to do it on stage and under the lights of fame. Yet through all of that and all of the pain of growing up and trying to find their way as adults the surviving members have survived. They are good people and talented musicians and I felt privileged to be in their company. Thank you Louise and thank you so very much to the Cowsills.

  2. Your family & music really stirs a lot of emotion in me. Happy,sad & goosebumps (still). I’d love you know when you’ll be in New York. I’m 60 y/o, feel like I’ve known you all my life & yet, I’ve never experience your spirit live. Shame on me. I’ve watched some of the live videos & the goosebumps come back. The harmonies are there & serious & I love it. You’re having fun & I’d love to share that if possible. I never realized Susan was such a staple in the mix. She sounds fantastic – you all do. God bless you .

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