Celebrating Barry Cowsill

We remember and celebrate Barry on what would have been his 65th birthday, September 14th. We’d love to hear your memories of Barry either as a comment on this post or in our Guestbook.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Barry Cowsill

  1. I have very fond memories of Barry. During the summer of 1981, he and I worked as basic grunts on an off-shore drilling ship. We spent our days sand-blasting or painting, but the evenings were spent sitting on bunk beds and playing guitars together. We would usually have three or four of us playing guitars – we even had a guy who played the flute (he was actually pretty good).

    Barry was with me when an accident occurred that caused my thumb to be cut off. He felt bad, but he was very pleased when I was able to come back in a couple of weeks with my thumb sewed back on. We continued to play guitars together, even when I had a cast on.

    I lost track of Barry after that and I was very sad to hear about what happened to him with the hurricane. I wish I had kept in touch with him. He was an easy-going guy who had no enemies and everyone loved hanging around with him.

    Miss you Barry

  2. I always think about Barry, especially on his birthday, and am still heartbroken that he is gone. It is such a loss for the world. He was truly one of a kind.

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