Guess Who’s Celebrating a Birthday Today?

It’s Bob Cowsill! Happy Birthday, Bob!!
We’re Also Remembering Richard Cowsill on His Birthday!!

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3 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Celebrating a Birthday Today?

  1. Hi, I was just a little 6 yr old girl in 1969 and didn’t know who The Cowsills were, but I knew your music and loved it! Of course I fell in love with the Partridge family in the early 70’s, and when I got older I heard it was based off of your family. Last night I was watching one of your videos from 1969 and I could absolutely see the similarities even in the way Shirley Jones and the child actress Susan stood or moved while signing on the tv show. I still love the Partridge family and their music, but I wanted to let you know that your music was a big part of my life (even if in my young child mind I thought that the flower girl was part of a wedding party!) I tried to find a book on your family, but didn’t see anything. Have any of you written one?

  2. I am 62 and have been listening to this type music since I was 7 yrs-old when my older sisters would catch our Pentecostal Preacher father gone and turn the old am radio over to the rock n roll station out of Memphis, Tenn. The first concert I attended was in Memphis in 1974 or 1975. The line-up included Roy Orbison, Tommy James and The Shondels, The Four Seasons, The Drifters, and Gary (US) Bonds. WOW!, What a concert!. More recently, I had the good fortune of catching The Cowsills in concert in Jackson, Tenn. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! So much so, that I checked their touring schedule and drove my factory-original panther pink Dodge Charger from Arkansas to see them again in Effingham, Illinois on The Happy Together concert. Thank you Cowsills. You guys are so talented and sound as good as ever. Please keep touring.

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