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In case you didn’t know, Family Band: The Cowsills Story premiered on March 6th on Showtime 2 and will air many additional times throughout the months of March & April 2013 on various Showtime channels.  It is now also available on Showtime Anytime. Because of this there has been a bit of buzz in the press and on blogs about The Cowsills and the documentary.

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  1. I hate that yet again another talented bunch of children were abused and stolen from by their parents… that truly saddened me. Your music is joyful and the newer stuff even more so as each of your have found your personal rhythmns… it’s just amazing how hard working you folks were in the rise to those Top 40 records and I was stunned to hear how much your father took from you. You folks didn’t deserve the pain and dishonesty – I do wonder if you are able to sell the soundtrack. I heard a lot of music I really liked and would love to be able to support your endeavors. Best to all of you and it’s wonderful that you do have strength in your family!

  2. Hello Cowsills and all involved in making this film. Thank you
    for sharing your personal lives with us all. I have watched the
    film a few times on DEMAND and wish I could purchase it.
    I would also love to see the complete interview with Bill Cowsill.
    Is it available for purchase? I love how Richard Cowsill is a part
    of the Cowsills story. After all, he is a Cowsill. Bob, I particularly
    love the emotion in your voice and eyes throughout the film. The
    Cowsills will always have a place in my heart, IPod and trusty
    CD’s. Peace, love and happiness to you all!

  3. I watched the documentary on Showtime and as a big fan of your music I was touched. I grew up in an abusive household with an alcoholic father and of course all of my emotions poured out. It takes courage and love to explore and embrace the past and I commend you all for what you have done. No one can fully explain the pain of growing up with the unpredictability and insecurity of an alcoholic family member! The last song that played during the credits “Some Good years” was amazing and inspiring. Thank you!

  4. I was a kid when the Cowsills were popular. I loved their music. I truly enjoyed the Showtime documentary. Very candid and real! So sad to hear about the family tragedies. I’m glad the family stuck together through the rough times. I look forward to seeing you at Tanner Park NY this summer! Thanks for the great music!

  5. I never knew a lot about The Cowsills before seeing this great documentary. I couldn’t believe the level of talent here! The songs were all wonderful, the musicianship is off-the-hook good, and the story was both painful and uplifting. You guys have a LOT to be proud of, and the film really does do justice to your careers, and to the memory of your late brothers Barry and Bill. Keep the tunes coming!

  6. I watched the documentary. Being 62, I remember The Cowsills and their brief fling with fame very well. I have to tell you the film is positively heartbreaking, but watching (and hearing) you perform together now was uplifting. I pray you all find comfort and peace.

  7. I’ve already watched “Family Band” twice on Showtime! Enjoyed the documentary very much and thought it was really well done and very entertaining. I probably didn’t appreciate the band as much back in their heyday but I remember them and can now appreciate just how talented they were/are. Fantastic voices then and still. Best of Luck to you all and I hope you get inducted into the HOF soon! (I signed!) 🙂

  8. after watching ur showtime special…all I can say is WOW….natural talent, often wondered what happened to u guys….first time I heard u, was on my transistor…just hope u all find ur bliss…

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