R.I.P. Richard James Cowsill

From Susan:

At 1:11 this morning (July 8, 2014), sleeping peacefully right next to his twin brother, Bob, while he worked by computer light, Richard James Cowsill joined the rest of the family on that magical mystery tour in the great beyond!

There is no doubt in my mind that all your amazingly kind energy, prayers, and loving intentions helped our process in untold ways. On behalf of the Cowsill family, thank you with all our hearts.

So now, cuz y’all are so good at it… Keep the prayers coming for our sister-in-law, Susan, our nieces and nephews, and my brothers as we move through this bittersweet time in our lives.

Round the Bend Dickie

Remembering Richard

Photos by Ian Broyles, Louise Palanker, Henry Diltz, & others

16 thoughts on “R.I.P. Richard James Cowsill

  1. I’m in shock! I just learned of Richards death. I grew up with the Cowsill’s at Meyers Lake in Canton, Ohio. Bill and I were best friends. We were still in grade school when Mr & Mrs Cowsill took Billy & Bob to Cleveland for their first TV appearance on the Gene Carroll Show, which aired with local talent every Sunday morning. They also took me along and the 3 of us (their parents and me) watched as Bill and Bob were filmed singing “Your Cheatin’ Heart” for the show.
    I lost track of them when I went in the Navy and they started making it big. Richard is the last one that I saw back in 1998 when my wife and I met him for lunch in Newport, R.I. We moved to Florida shortly after that and I lost track of him again. Now, I can’t believe he is gone. My heart goes out to the family.
    Dan Fitzgerald

  2. To the Family of Dick Cowsill,
    I don’t know if Richard ever mentioned myself, or even remembered me. We were in the US Army Basic Training together. I just recently viewed the Cowsills on Show Time. I wanted to get in touch with him, and did not know of his death until this very moment. As I remembered he was a great guy, I never knew he did two tours in Nam. Guess I kind of lost track myself of old Army buddies and friends over the years. I myself went to Nam, from Dec 68 to Dec 69, stationed in Pleiku near the Cambodia Border. With the deepest regret I am sorry for the loss to your family, and I myself am sorry I did not try to contact Richard over the years. I still
    have a a 4-track reel to reel Cowsill’s Album in my 60’s collection of tapes.
    Rest in Peace Rich………………..

  3. I feel very fortunate to have finally had the opportunity to meet Richard at the Rhode Island Film Festival in Providence on August 10, 2011. I got to tell him how sorry I was for the bizarre and astoundingly raw deal that Bud gave him.

    You, Richard’s siblings, showed a tremendous amount of class when you invited him into the band once Bud had passed. Your talented family has been bringing me joy for 47 years, and I admire you for a lot more than just your superb musicianship.

    I am so very sorry for your loss. May God bless you and keep you at this most difficult of times.

  4. To the Cowsill family – I am so sorry for the loss of you brother Richard. I can only imagine the thrill he must have experienced of finally being able to sing with his siblings in Newport and Bill’s Benefit Concert. I pray the Lord will comfort you and keep you strong for each other. At least the memories you have with Richard can never be taken away and may they become even more precious as they are shared with each other. You all mean so much to me – God bless you.

  5. Dickie was the first Cowsill that I met. We had fun “busting’ each other’s chops” along the way. I am just SO GLAD that he, Finally, had the chance to sing with his siblings! I will never forget those times! They are carefully wrapped in beautiful velvet cloth in my heart! Fly High and Free, Dickie! We Love you and we will Miss you!

  6. I have great memories of Rich. He was kind, he cared about us (fans, friends), and he was fun. Like at Barry’s funeral in Newport when we saw the 2 birds who joined up and left together, there are now 3. Rich will be greatly missed.

  7. -few years ago, i purchased 2 cd’s, ‘Solid Gold Hits, 1966’ & ‘SGH-1967’. They each had a dozen ~or so~hit tunes from the years. I didn’t bother to read the separate cuts, but just popped it into the car’s 6-cd player & drove away. When Tr,tp & ot spooled-up, my ‘normal’ thought patterns adjusted as if a house-keeping neurosurgeon had come in and dusted-off my memory and rinsed it off. Where had i been? Suddenly i was (then) 47, and remembering easily the days when i was 10, 11, 12 years old…
    Until three days ago, i didn’t know anything about your brother Richard. I do now.
    But only because you are all willing and able to share. Maybe that is your greatest
    gift and lesson for us all. You’ve been sharing with us all along. All along. Some day,
    God willing, i will be able to do something that will entertain and delight and bring joy
    to your family. (anyhow, i’m woikin’ on it). PLease accept heartfelt sympathy and also gratitude. Clearly, Richard was willing to share you with us, too. May God
    richly bless all of you ~always.

  8. For Some reason; I’ve been playing a lot of Cowsill Videos lately……
    Indian Lake Bubblerock and Susan’s Magnificent Hello, Hello ! As a Viet Vet; I express my condolences to all the Cowsills ! I’m sure Richard is in Heaven; helping put the Band back together ( like John Belushi ). He will wait there with Barry and your Mom until you all get done down here. ( Like the Outlaw Josey Wales said….”I guess we all died a little in that d..ded war !” ( Vietnam ). But Richard and the rest of us; put our lives back together and he had achieved Personal Victory in his life and kids.

  9. Dear Cowsill Family, & Susan
    I want give my condolences love & prayers to you all! <3 I love you all so much & had a blast at the RI shows …i had a few beautiful conversations with Richard he was so sweet funny n wonderful. Im so sorry for your lost to everyone n coming from my cousin Clifford McPeak from New Jersey who had the biggest crush on Susan as I did John n Barry! I had a wonderful ime with all of you! You all are the best people in the world i love you all so much and my heart weighs heavy again for all of you! I hope you all remember me as the Flowergirl n the crazy one who fell for all of you at the show n had many conversations with Susan , Bob, Barry, Paul n Richard! again MY sincere condolences to everybody, family n friends, all my love always n4ever Maureen

  10. Rest in peace, Richard. To the entire Cowsill family – may memories comfort you.

  11. I am so very sorry to learn of Richard’s passing. Having seen the documentary, it was good to see that all of you are close and active in each other’s lives. Take comfort in each other and may you have peace.

    • Dear Susan, I just read your interview in Wood & Steel, and I just got sent home or dlzebieimod by virtue of a negative Page 7,from NOLA & the bayou by the Coast Guard. I guess that is what happens when you take your 314-CE on Title 10 Coast Guard Reserve Deepwater Horizon mobilization. Anyway, the guitar kept me sane and extra baggage was authorized. I spent many a day in personnel staging in Kenner & my best Coast Guard buddy & I took the Veterans Ave bus & trolley into the French Quarter on 11 JUN 2010. Upon our return, I wrote No L. A. on the bus. This is a love song to my fellow Marine Science Technician Chief & Sector NY Coast Guard Reservist. While on the Canal Street trolley, he listened patiently & sympathetically to a veteran Young old man who still reeled from Katrina’s force . The quantity of fasteners(nails, screws, sheetrock screws, roofing nails) in the gutter of your streets left over from Katrina flabbergasted me, and I waged a one-woman campaign to pick them up. May I suggest you pick them up and give them away as you tour they tell a story as well as any 4 chords. It looks like my 4 minutes is up. Peace, Diane

  12. Our hearts hurt with yours. Oh to go back to the days when you first started your amazing journey in Newport. God speed.

  13. Sending you all my deepest sympathies. Too many losses of brothers way too young! I’m sure Barry & Bill are there to welcome him with open arms.

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