Have You Heard Our Cowsills Christmas Offering Interviews & Read The Reviews?

We love Christmas and are excited to talk about our digital EP, A Christmas Offering From The Cowsills. We hope you’ve heard us on the radio! We’ll be adding all the interviews that are available online to this post and sharing all of the reviews, too!

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11/29/23Boomerocity: The Cowsills Talks About Their Christmas Offering, “Rhythm of the World,” and Their Career
11/28/23Blitz Magazine: CD AND LP REISSUES / ANTHOLOGIES
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11/20/23Best Classic Bands: The Cowsills Announce 2024 Tour, Release Christmas EP
11/20/23Goldmine: Hear new Christmas music from The Cowsills

Christmas Countdown #1

Christmas is 3 weeks from today and we’re counting down with some Cowsills’ Christmas music! We’re starting with our appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on Christmas Eve in 1967. Here’s a memory from Bob about that appearance:

In the Christmas medley, I was given Sleigh Ride and it was live television and the line that kept giving me trouble during rehearsal was “it’ll nearly be like a picture print from Courier and Ives” So every time I watch the video of that I see me holding it together but as that line is coming and approaching I know I’m thinking about it while I’m singing the verse I’m in and thinking … oh my God here it comes… oh my God here it comes… Courier and Ives… Courier and Ives.

A Christmas Offering From The Cowsills Out Now via Omnivore Recordings

Includes Two Original Holiday Songs Plus A New Version Of “Winter Wonderland

Purchase at Omnivore Recordings

Today, October 27, 2023, we are excited to announce the release of A Christmas Offering From The Cowsills, a new digital-only Christmas EP featuring two originals, “Christmastime (Song For Marissa)” and “Some Good Years,” plus a new, acapella version of the holiday favorite, “Winter Wonderland.” The EP follows a very busy year with the release of our first album of original material in 30 years, Rhythm Of The World (2022), and touring extensively on the Turtles’ annual Happy Together Tour.

Christmastime (Song for Marissa)” was recorded in the early 90s. The melody for “Christmastime (Song for Marissa)”, was written in the late ‘70s and sat for years without lyrics as an instrumental. Once it was recognized as Christmas music the lyrics were added in 1986 and a brand new Christmas carol was born. Joined by friends and admirers including The Bangles’ Vicki Peterson and Michael Steele, and Peter Holsapple of The dB’s, “Christmastime (Song for Marissa)” was finally recorded in the summer of 1992. Along with “Some Good Years,” these two songs were actually released as a collector’s 45 RPM single edition on Rockville Records in 1993.

These tracks return three decades later on A Christmas Offering From The Cowsills, joined by an all-new, acapella version of the holiday classic “Winter Wonderland.”

A Christmas Offering From The Cowsills Tracklist:

  1. Christmastime (Song For Marissa)
  2. Some Good Years
  3. Winter Wonderland

Executive Producer: Dr. Rock Positano

Bob, Paul, Susan, and John Cowsill

For more information, please contact:
Bob Merlis (bobmerlis@bobmerlis.com)
Sonny Bailey-Lemansky (sonny@missingpiecegroup.com)