Sharing A Cowsills’ Rehearsal

We’re heading out to sea today for the back-to-back 70’s and 60’s cruises! As we depart we want to share one of our rehearsals and what some of the work of learning songs for the cruises looks like. You’re going to hear lousy mixes, singing that is not real serious yet, one-angle camera…. we were just putting the songs together and we thought you’d enjoy seeing part of that process!!

2 thoughts on “Sharing A Cowsills’ Rehearsal

  1. i will ALWAYS be grateful to the Cowsills for the fact if it hadn’t been for 2 love sick teenage gil’s and their love of the Cowsills we never would have met! Nanci and i (Debby) started out as pen pals. she lives in San Francisco and i the Houston area! that was 54 yrs ago and we are stll best friends today ! thx Cowsills

  2. I love your music! I grew up on it and as a child I saw you in concert in Helena Montana and it was my first concert!
    I was born in 1959 so we are similar ages.
    I woke up yesterday singing I love the flower girl and I cant get it out of my head. I💐🌻🍀🌹🪻🌸🌺🌷🌻

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