California Music Hall of Fame!

We’re excited to announce that we’re being inducted into the California Music Hall of Fame on April 14, 2024.

Click the picture to purchase tickets to the induction ceremony

2 thoughts on “California Music Hall of Fame!

  1. Hello from Northeastern Louisiana. I really Love ❤️ your work and hopefully can attend.
    I was a silly little crazy about boys and then reality set in and I forgot until I watched Dumb and Dumber again and I remembered the song.. This was last week, and tower’s were downed during storms. So I watched DVDs until wifi came back.
    I started searching and here in Louisiana came up. I remember on the news at the time was the announcement. I’m so sorry and then again. you lose another.. And more.
    Thank you for sharing your lives and showing what Love is in your hearts 💕.
    Northeastern Louisiana got showed what really happens during a Hurricane.

    Thank you for sharing your Story,
    Lesa Cathey
    West Monroe, LA

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