Celebrating Our Brother, Barry

Today would have been Barry’s 69th birthday and we’re celebrating him with some great memories.

What’s your favorite memory of Barry?

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Brother, Barry

  1. Waiting for a bus in historic town , this guy at the red light says ” my car , it the door won’t lock – I didn’t have either tools or a Chilton manual ..I thought to myself how are these men around here ..but I said I had nothing to help o was waiting for a bus . The light turned and he got flustered when the car behind him started blaring and an argument ensued. I think it was he – but I had no idea.
    The same guy said hello over daffodils. I was sad that he hurriedly left. me. Weird but I think it was Barry. He sounds like an old boss I had . Boy was I dumb. He’s such a wonderful person but like I said I was marred.obviously.

  2. My young teen crush. I had Barry’s poster on my wall and would dream about meeting him. One day, I finally did…and it was the thrill of my life. I still remember how nervous I was and how kind Barry was. I was so broken hearted when I heard of Barry’s passing. He will always have a special place in my heart. RIP, Barry. Happy heavenly birthday.

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