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TV Appearances

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Program Name Air Date Comments
A Family Thing Nov 23 1968 A Family ThingCowsills TV Special with Buddy Ebsen as a guest star and Timex as the sponsor


Photo courtesy of R&S Cowsill

All American Family Show Aug 14, 1971 Sang You on My Mind.  The show was a contest of some sort and was hosted by Anita Bryant
American Bandstand ?? & Jan 23 1971 Both as a family and Bill as a solo. Bill's appearance was just after the release of his solo LP. More details?

1/23/71: This was without Barbara and they sang Covered Wagon, Down on The Farm, and On My Side. They announced their new label as London and said their new album would probably be called Once There Was a Time.

Barbara McNair Fall of 1970 Appeared 3 times on: Show #29 (which also featured the Ace Trucking Company -comedy group), Show #32 (with Brook Benton and actor/comedian Dick Shawn) and Show #33 (also with Dick Shawn and Freda Payne)

II x II, Peace of Mind

Betty Hughes Show July 8, 1971 Local Philadelphia show with Bob, Barry, John and Susan performing You In My Mind

DC-BettyHughes.jpg (13826 bytes) DC-BettyHughes2.jpg (15435 bytes)

Photos by Deb Cay, from collection of R Penley

The Dating Game Mar 15, 1969 Bob appeared and was not selected.
Dean Martin Nov 28, 1969 Only Susan was on this one. She sang a duet with Dean of Shine On, Harvest Moon
Dick Cavett June 10, 1969 Performed In Need of a Friend
Ed Sullivan Oct 29, 1967 Performed The Rain, the Park & Other Things and a medley of:  Monday, Monday, Sweet Taking Guy, Lonesome Me, Please Mr. Postman & Reach Out
Ed Sullivan Dec 24,1967 Performed We Can Fly and a Christmas song medley. Part of the medley is available on "A Classic Christmas From The Ed Sullivan Show" distributed by Buena Vista Home Video.
Entertainment Tonight 1988 & 1991 & 1999 1988: Interview with Susan & Bob; shows shots from the Pub
1991: Interview with Rich
1999: Cover Story with Bob, Paul, John & Susan
Family Pageant (The) 1972?  
Full House 1987 & 1988 John appeared on this 3 times as part of John Stamos' musical group
General Hospital 1984 John appeared on this 2 times as part of a musical group
Generation Gap ? This was a game show on which Bob & Barbara appeared.
Get It Together Aug 1 1970 Sang Poor Baby and II x II.  Mama Cass interviewed the three that were there: John, Paul, and Barry.  Paul said Bob had not come because his appendix had burst and he was recovering.
Good Morning America June 29 1990 Interview and live performance of Hair

Just after Good Morning America 1990
Good Morning America 1990
Photo by: L Margosian

Groovy Spring 1969 Local LA Show hosted by Robert W. Morgan. Sang Reach Out (I'll Be There) and Hair
Happening 68 Sept 1968 Barbara & Susan did not appear on this show. Songs: Monday Monday & Reach Out (I'll Be There) and a video of We Can Fly. The appearance on Happening '68 was a filmed performance. Also appearing on that episode were Etta James, comedian Pat Paulsen and teen heartthrob, actor Sajid Khan.
Happening 69 Jan 11, 1969 No information on songs performed. Also appearing on that episode were Bobby Hatfield and Stefan Arngrim
Hollywood Palace Jan 11, 1969 Path of Love
Howard Stern Aug 24 1990 Interview and live performance of Shine and Hair
Ice Palace 1971? Hosted by Leslie Uggams. The Cowsills performed We Can Fly, On My Side & Save The People (with Leslie Uggams). They also did a sketch called Jukebox Saturday Night.
Inside Edition 1992 Interview with Rich
Jan & Dean 1986 & 1988 1986: LA Forum Concert (VH1). John was playing drums and singing backup with them at the time
1988: March of Dimes of Dimes Telethon. John was playing drums and singing backup with them at the time.
Joan Rivers Mar 24 1991 Interview and live performance of Cross That Line

Joan Rivers Joan Rivers

Photos by: H Pantuso

Johnny Cash July 5, 1969 Sang Monday Monday and Children Go Where I Send
with Johnny
Jonathan Winters Show 1968 - the Wednesday before Thanskgiving Sang We Can Fly
KABC Eyewitness News June 1999 KABC NewsBob, Paul, John & Robby appeared on the KABC Eyewitness News Sunday Morning Edition (Los Angeles) and sang Is It Any Wonder?

Images captured from video by J Malone

Kennedy and Co. 1970 or 71? Performed On My Side and You In My Mind
Kraft Music Hall Mar 27, 1968 & Dec 25, 1969 Both hosted by Eddy Arnold
1968: Performed a medley including You Were On My Mind. Patti Page and comedian/actor Jack Burns were also on this show.

Kraft Music Hall1969: Christmas show co-starring Jack Wild; performed Silver Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Got To Pick a Pocket or Two & Susan sang I'd Do Anything with Jack Wild.

Photo from collection of J Malone

Larry Kane ??
Maury Povich 1993 Rich was on this; LaToya Jackson was the primary guest
Merv Griffin ??
Mike Douglas 1968, Sept 15 1970, May 4, 1971 1968: From Philadelphia. They sang 3 songs: Don't know the 1st one, That's What You Get For Loving Me & If I Had My Way

9/15/1970: Silver Threads and Golden Needles, and Susan sang When I'm 64. Paul made the comment that his father was in charge of production and reproduction.  They announced that they had left MGM records and were looking for a new label.

5/4/1971: Sang On My Side, Down on The Farm, and Barbara sang For Baby (For Bobby).  Barbara announced that Bill had made her a grandmother.

MTV: Dwight Twilley Special 1988 Both Susan and John were with Dwight's band at the time
Mulqueens Kiddie A-Go-Go 1967? The Cowsills appearance was a taped version of The Rain, The Park and Other Things. Dave "Baby" Cortez, the Box Tops and the 1910 Fruitgum Co.were also on this episode.
Music Scene
(episode 6)
Nov 17, 1969 Perform Silver Threads and Golden Needles Also appearing were R.B. "Take A Letter Maria" Greaves, Paul Anka and B.B. King. 
Operation Entertainment May 1968 & Dec 20, 1968 May 1968: Rich came onstage while they were singing.... he was in full uniform. Performed Grey Sunny Day, Indian Lake which was introduced by Rich and Ask The Children
PBS: Big Daddy Explodes July 3,1990 Local PBS airing of Couldn't It Be Love from Cowsills' comeback show at Zanzibar in Boston, MA
PBS: Rockin' The Neighborhood Aug 25 1990 Local PBS airing of Cowsills comeback show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ
Playboy After Dark August 1970 Taped May 14, 1970. Performed IIxII
Ready, Steady, Go ??  
Rollin' on the River ?? Hosted by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition. Anyone have details on this one?
Today (NBC) ??  
Tom Kennedy 1970 or 71? Susan appeared on this and sang Silver Threads & Golden Needles (yup, Susan not John!), To Sir, With Love and Wander Through the Alphabet With You (duet with Tom Kennedy). She also got Tom and the other guests to jump rope on TV with her.
Tonight Show (with Johnny Carson) Aug 5 1970

July 14, 1971
Performed Hair and Barbara sang Blowin' in The Wind. There was no interview

Performed The Prophecy of Daniel and John, The Divine
Undiscovered Country (CMT Canada) May 11, 2004 EPISODE SIX: BEEN THERE DONE THAT
The episode 'Been There Done That', hosted by Kim Mitchell, focuses on the stories of three artists who have experienced success in one genre of music but are now looking to challenge themselves in new musical frontiers.

Calgary-based Billy Cowsill sold over 6 million copies of his family's record 'Hair' in the 1960's and was the real-life inspiration behind TV's 'The Partridge Family'. Having lived a life consuming the excesses which come along with stardom, the now sober Cowsill performs with a band called The Co-Dependents
Upbeat Oct 3 1967 Interview and The Rain, The Park and Other Things
VH1-My Generation 1992 Video of The Rain, The Park and Other Things and live performances of No Time and Hair (partial)
VH1-Where Are They Now Mar 30, 1999 Interview and snippets of Hair and Cross That Line and What I Believe
Virginia Graham June 1971 & ?? During the June 1971 show the Cowsills boys discussed the new 18 year vote argued with another guest (Former gov. of Georgia: Maddux) about long hair. During the musical number (which was lip-synched), John dropped a drum stick but the drums kept right on playing! On the 2nd appearance on this show, they sang Heather Says?.
Visual Girl 1970? Susan appeared on this; not sure if she sang but she talked alot sounding like a "Valley Girl" even then!
Welcome to Hal-Land 1990 Santa Monica, CA cable access show
Wonderful World of Pizzazz Mar 18 1969

Hair   What is Happy
Images captured from video by J Malone

Performed Hair and What is Happy? Hosted by Carl Reiner and also included an appearance by Harpers Bizarre.

Hair  das-hair.jpg (25437 bytes)

Circle photo from collection of J Malone
Pyramid photo from collection of D Stamatin

"Talking" About The Cowsills on TV
Program Name Air Date Comments
Arsenio Hall: Michael J. Fox 1990 Arsenio was interviewing Michael and brought out The Cowsills LP and Michael admits that he was a fan as a kid. A bit of The Rain, The Park and Other Things was played during the interview.
The Larry Sanders Show 1994 Gary Shandling mentioned The Cowsills
The Late Show Nov 9, 1989 Mentioned in David Letterman's Top 10 ways the Iranians will spend the $567 million:
10. Upgrade hijackers to first class.
9. Have the Reagans visit 283 times.
8. Set up research lab to develop untippable coffin.
7. Kegger!
6. Commission move biography of Salman Rushie staring the guy who
played Horshack.
5. Pay for tourism campaign: "Iran--sort of like Amish country."
4. Lure the Cowsills out of retirement.
3. New York City taxi licenses for everybody!
2. Next pizza: extra cheese!
1. Take the Mrs. to Atlantic City.
Saved By The Bell ??  
Throb ??? Mentioned on this show.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire May 27, 2001 The Cowsills were one of the questions on the celebrity edition of this show. Amy Grant was the contestant and she had to poll the audience to find out which family the Partridge Family was based on .. the audience knew the answer.
Movies/TV Shows with Cowsills Songs

Movie/Program Name

Release / Air Date Comments
The Impossible Years 1968 The Cowsills sing the title song, The Impossible Years
Love American Style 1969 The Cowsills sang the title song, Love American Style, on the first season of the show.
The Late Show Sept 25, 1995 Martha Stewart was a guest and did the Top 10 Worst Tips for Living. #1 was "To enliven any salad try eating it while hanging by your hair (earlier in the show, Dave featured a troupe of acrobats who hung suspended by their hair) Guess which song they played.
Dumb & Dumber 1996 The Rain, The Park & Other Things is played over a fantasy sequence
Northern Exposure Feb 28, 1994 The Rain, The Park & Other Things played in an episode called Northern Hospitality.

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