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Rarities - Only On!

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Rare audio and video from The Cowsills. Each of these will be available for a limited time only. So, don't miss out, watch or listen today!

Rarities are now available on our MySpace Page

Based on a suggestion posted on our forums (thanks to Kathy McWhirt), we're now featuring Global. The first tune featured is What About Love? which works out perfectly since it's John's birthday at the end of the week and this cut is the only song on Global with John on the lead! Head over to our MySpace Page and give it a listen before it's gone! And don't forget that you can still buy Global at Robin Records.

And, in honor of John's birthday, we have also added a video of John performing a fan favorite from A Taste of RI 2000. Our thanks go to Gary Strobl for this video.

Featured video performances on our MySpace Page:

And here's what you've missed in the past ....

I'm A Little Bit Lonesome (and just a little bit blue) - A cut from Sorrow Bound (Hank Williams Re-Examined)

A Thousand Times - A song from the Blue Shadows CD On The Floor of Heaven.

Let's Dance - A cut from Billy's CD, Billy Cowsill Live: From The Crystal Ballroom Calgary AB July, 1985

Half as Much (live) - A song from Billy's Blue Northern Days which was a b-side to the Blue Northern single Can't Make No Sense

I x II - A cut from Billy's 1970 solo MGM album, Nervous Breakthrough.

Christmastime (A Song for Marissa) - A song to celebrate the season written by Bob & Mary Jo Cowsill and released as a single in 1993 by Rockville Records.

The Time Has Come (aka Crystal Claps) - The Bridey Murphy version of this song with Paul on vocals in honor of Paul's birthday.

Going Home - A Barry original recorded by Barry's group, US1.

Honky Tonk Woman - Recorded live in San Antonio, TX on March 4, 1971 by David Harris.

Sweet Magdaleña - A reprise of this one performed by Barry (aka Elvis Franklin) from A Taste of RI in September of 1990.

Dover Mine  - An updated version of this song submitted to a tribute CD done by Cowsill fans by Barry using the alias Lil Shad Kodiak.

Painting The Day  - The first song in our month-long tribute to Barry.

Indian Lake - Yes THAT Indian Lake but this version features John on lead vocals during his stint as a member of Jan & Dean's band. If you want to find this one you'll have to pick up a copy of Jan & Dean's Silver Summer which was originally released back in 1985. 

You're Not the Same Girl & The Time Has Come - A listen to two songs from "A Family Thing 2" at the El Rey theatre both with Paul on the lead.

I'm Movin' On - A cut from Billy's CD, Billy Cowsill Live: From The Crystal Ballroom Calgary AB July, 1985

Vagabond - A Billy Cowsill original recorded by Richard Cowsill.

Toni - A Bob Cowsill original performed by Bob at a solo showcase at Ghengis Cohen Cantina in Los Angeles in December of 1990.

Just Believe It - The title song to Susan's first solo album. This version was recorded at A Taste of RI in Newport, RI on September 28, 2003.

Stuck On You - John with the beLAir BANDits. This group also toured China as the West End Boys in 1986. This song was recorded in Shanghai during that tour and features John on lead vocals. 

Some Good Years - An acoustic version recorded at the Ghengis Cohen Cantina in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. 

Heather Says - A cover of song recorded by The Cowsills done by the Psycho Sisters who are Susan Cowsill & Vicki Peterson. This was performed live at Ghengis Cantina in Los Angeles in October of 1991.

My First Dream - Another Bob Cowsill original performed by The Cowsills live at the China Club in Los Angeles on December 12, 1991.

Sweet Magdaleña - A Barry Cowsill original performed live by Barry at A Taste of RI in September of 1990.

Nuclear Winter - Written and recorded by Bob Cowsill & Peter Bunch as Channel Nine back in the 1980s. From Bob's comments about this ... "The song Nuclear Winter  was written by me and Peter Bunch after we were sitting around talking one day wondering what it was like to be one of those soldiers that work in the silos where the missiles are kept. The song seems appropriate today although it would seemingly reference the North Korean situation more so than Iraq. "

The Shape of the Journey - Written and recorded by Bob's son, Jason. From Bob's comments about this song ... "Jason has become, among other things, an accomplished guitarist and songwriter and his song The Shape of the Journey has a soothing effect on me that I wanted to share with everybody as a rarity"

Pretty Woman - A wonderful cover from Ballona Fest 11/99 with John on lead and Susan on harmony vocals.

Freefall - An original written by Barry & Bob Cowsill  with Paul on lead vocals from the China Club in 1991.

Maybe It's You - An original written by Bob Cowsill & Peter Bunch with Bob on lead vocals. 

Is It Any Wonder - A unique version of this song from the China Club in Los Angeles in December 1991 with Susan singing the lead. 

She Wants Everything - a Bob & Mary Jo Cowsill original with John singing lead from the China Club in Los Angeles in June 1991. 

Shine - a rare video from A Taste of RI 2000 featuring Paul on lead vocals.

Rescue - a live performance from the Pub Princess Bash 2002.

Make sure you check in with the Rarities page so you don't miss anything else! Don't forget to leave us some feedback on any or all of the Rarities or just let us know what you would like to see featured here in the future.

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