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Link To Us

Feel free to take one of the graphics and upload it to your server to link to The Cowsills web site. Please do not link to the graphics on The Cowsills site.

cowsill-link4.gif (8270 bytes)
<a href=""><img src="cowsill-link4.gif" width="468" height="60" alt="The Cowsills" border="0"></a>

cowsills-banner.gif (7045 bytes)
<a href=""><img src="cowsills-banner.gif" width="468" height="60" alt="The Cowsills" border="0"></a>

cowsill-link3.gif (11335 bytes)
<a href=""><img src="cowsill-link3.gif" width="200" height="180" alt="The Cowsills" border="0"></a>

cowsill-link1.gif (13445 bytes)
<a href=""><img src="cowsill-link1.gif" width="200" height="226" alt="The Cowsills" border="0"></a>

cowsill-link2.gif (2696 bytes)
<a href=""><img src="cowsill-link2.gif" width="72" height="80" alt="The Cowsills" border="0"></a>

Link to Barry's Page on
Barry Banner
<a href=""><img src="barry-banner.gif" width="60" height="480" alt="Barry Cowsill: 1954-2005" border="0"></a>

To create your link:

  1. Download the graphic of your choice to your machine. Right-click on the graphic and select Save Picture As (Internet Explorer) or Save Image As (Netscape) to save the graphic somewhere on your machine. Make sure you note where you have saved this.
  2. Upload the graphic to your web space from your machine.
  3. Copy the code under the graphic you choose into your web page.
    Note: If you renamed the graphic or placed the graphic in a sub-directory, you will need to alter the img src= code.

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