Remembering Billy

January 9th would have been Bill Cowsill’s 70th birthday. Please join us in remembering him on this day and always!

Here are some memories of Billy shared in songs:

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7 thoughts on “Remembering Billy

  1. You Guys made my early days listening to the Great Cowsills, Happy Birthay Bill I have finally just bought the best of the Cowsills C.D. It’s the 18th of January 2018..
    And i love it I’m in AUSTRALIA and have been listening too the Cowsills since the 60’s
    Cheers… Great Music From Down Under in the land of Oz

  2. Happy Heavenly Birthday Bill. Love the Cowsills I listen to your music videos everyday on YouTube while I’m working, never gets old!

  3. Happy Birthday Bill, to me if it weren’t for you,writting , singing,being your self , during the time of The Cowsills and afterwards ,we the fans would never have had the opportunity to hear your work. Thank you Bill for. Doing what you did best . Just being Bill – from Mark Williams your friend

  4. My very first concert was The Cowsills, on June 27, 1968, in the rain, in the park (Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT). Finally got to meet you all at ToRI in September 2000. While my little girl crush was on John, it was Billy who i was in awe of when I met and chatted with him. Wish he could be here to celebrate his birthday and to have been able to know his grandsons.

  5. Thank you Bill… for being such a big part of my most favorite music in the whole world… 60’s pop! You all brought such happy moments to my childhood with your beautiful voices and awesome tunes! You are very much missed every time I go to see Bob, Paul & Susan! Always a song in my heart!

  6. Like many girls of the 60s, I loved the Cowsills back then … and when they unjustly faded from view, I lost track of them for years. Louise Palanker’s documentary brought me back into the fold big-time — but of course, after the deaths of Bill and Barry. I’ve been playing catch-up ever since on their group and individual careers — what an amazing family of super-talented musicians! I will spend this day that would have marked Bill’s 70th birthday listening to the Cowsills, the Blue Shadows, and the Codependents, and not be sad, but instead hear the joy that Bill felt making music. Happy memories of Bill to all the family, friends and fans!

  7. I remember seeing you all at the Melody Tent in Hyannis MA for my twin and mine 16th birthday. We were lucky to meet you afterwards and what struck me about Bill was his gorgeous eyes. Happy Birthday Bill

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