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Welcome to's Contest Page

Happy Birthday Paul!!

Congratulations to Amy from IL who won jams from Cowsill Farms
Cowsill Farms Jams
Thanks so much to Louann & Paul Cowsill for the awesome jams!!

Thanks so much to everyone who signed Paul's Birthday Book during November!

In case you missed it, here's Paul's Thank You to everyone for their good wishes:

Hey gang, wow I can't believe another year has rolled by. I want to thank everyone for the happy birthdays, its always a bit overwhelming that you all take the time to wish me good things, at the same time I so appreciate it . Louie, all the animals, and myself are doing well and we  are ready for winter. The hay is in the barn, all the farm equipment is put away,. the irrigation pipe is stacked and the water pumps are drained. We all love the winter and the cold. I hope to see everyone this year somewhere. Maybe we will do some shows, maybe we won't but if we do I hope its near you. Anyway, thanks again for all the love. Happy holidays to all. Love, Peace and Happiness I'm out Paul

Previous Winners

Happy 57th Birthday Bob & Richard (June 2006)
Congratulations to Jeanette Howe from Texas. Jeanette won a Cowsills pillow as sold in the Robin Records Gift Shop!
Is It Any Wonder? - Part II (June 2006)
Congratulations to Keith Osterberg from Missouri. Keith won a promo single of Is It Any Wonder? by Eugene Edwards & a copy of Eugene's current CD, My Favorite Revolution.
Is It Any Wonder? - Part I (June 2006)
Congratulations to Michael Comella from Massachusetts. Michael won a promo single of Is It Any Wonder? by Eugene Edwards & a sampler from Flagship Recordings.
Let's Celebrate Billy's Birthday (January 2005)
Congratulations to David & Ruthie DeCarmo from VA, Paul Baily from CA and Mariann Blossick from AZ who all won an autographed Cowsills Mini Poster signed by all the Cowsills at "A Family Thing 2" and a white T-shirt from "A Family Thing 2".
Happy Birthday Paul (November 2004)
Congratulations to Deb Kadzban from Michigan. Deb won an autographed Cowsills Mini Poster signed by all the Cowsills at "A Family Thing 2" and a T-shirt from "A Family Thing 2".
It's Barry's Birthday (September 2004)
Congratulations to Kevin Miller from California. Kevin won our Tote Bag featuring a photo of all of The Cowsills in Newport, RI.
Let's Celebrate with Bob & Richard (August 2004)
Congratulations to Kimberly Brooks from Florida and Lindie Gibson from Montana. Both Kimberly and Lindie won a Cowsills' Logo Tote Bag
In Celebration of John's Birthday (March 2004)
Congratulations to Sabrina Rood-Sinker from Minnesota. Brina won a pair of John Cowsill autographed Vater drumsticks.
Christmas Wishes & New Year Dreams (December 2003/January 2004)
Congratulations to Barb Meade from CO, Dan Freitag from MD, Mariann Blossick from AZ, Michelle A. Murray from NJ, Terri Howell from LA and Zed & Tina from CA. They each one an autographed Mini Poster of The Cowsills.
Preview of 2004 (August 2003)
Congratulations to Jennifer, Connie Cupo Carty, Sue Otto, Damon Wall, Michelle Law, Gina Domizio and Caren E. Oldfield for the winning photos for our 2004 Wall Calendar. Each of our winning photographers received a Calendar Print. And, congratulations to Jane Ranum from Minnesota who won the 2004 Wall Calendar.
Cocaine DrainMake A Wish (May 2003)
Congratulations to Beth Koehn from Ohio who won a CD of what would have been the Cocaine Drain album (had it been release) plus some additional songs recorded after the Cocaine Drain sessions. 
It's A Fall Fling 2002!
Congratulations to:
September 20: Lynne Margosian from New York!!
September 27: Jeana Melton from Oregon!!
October 4: Sheree Tucker from Ohio!!
October 11: Terry Allison from Ohio!!
October 18:  Doreen Arbo from Massachusetts!!
October 25: Kat from Tennessee!!
November 1: Cindy Rottweiler from California!!
November 8: Sheri Owens from Texas!!
Find the Latest Photo
Congratulations to Barb Meade from Colorado - winner of a Cowsills Logo Black Baseball Cap from the Robin Records Gift Shop.
Summer Fun 2002!!
Congratulations to all the winners of a Cowsills Logo Flying Disc!
Week 1 - Nancy Roch (Moss-E) from Texas
Week 2 - Lynne Hawkins from Connecticut
Week 3 - Lee Smith from Georgia
Week 4 - Judy Matz-Coniglio from New Jersey
Week 5 - Carol Fritz from Pennsylvania
Spring Has Sprung!
Congratulations to Jack Coleman from Texas - winner of a Global Tote Bag from the Robin Records Gift Shop.
Birthday Celebration! was 3 years old on May 15th, 2001!! In celebration, we held a contest where YOU could Win The Shirts Off Our Backs!! All you had to do was add your comments to the Birthday Book during the month of May 2001 and you were automatically entered to win! And the winners were ... 
Easter Egg Hunt 2001:
Congratulations to our winner .. Kim Frentress from Oregon.
Valentine Contest 2001:
Our winner was Barb Meade from Missouri!

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