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Cowsill Chatter

Rules for Cowsill Chatter:

  • No Flaming **
  • No Vulgar Language
  • Respect your fellow Cowsill fans!

** Nasty or insulting messages OR a personal attacks on someone OR intentionally inflammatory postings designed to elicit a strong reaction.

Cowsill Chatter is always open.  You can find someone chatting most evenings!

How to use Cowsill Chatter:

  • Your browser must allow the use of Java Applets.
  • To enter the chat room, enter a Name and optionally a short Profile about yourself. This cannot be the same name that anyone else is using so be sure to log out when you leave the room or your name won't be available the next time you want to use the room.

Scheduled Chats:

  • None at this time. Please e-mail me us at: if you'd like to have a regularly scheduled chat and we'll announce it here!
  • Don't forget, the room is always open even when there's not a scheduled chat!

Let's Get Chatting!

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Last Modified: April 04, 2006